An innovative approach to learning al-Qur’an via “Qur’anic Holistic Symbiotic” way developed by QHS Academy. The program is designed for quranic learners who are proficient in English but do not have basic Arabic.

 ٱلسلام عليكم ورحمة ٱلله وبركاته

Could you be one of those who need to join this course? YES you could if,

  • YOU are not yet a FRIEND of al-Quran. Meaning you are NOT yet close to al-Quran
  • YOU have good qualification but may not comprehend much of al-Quran.
  • YOU have been reading al-Quran for many years but you do not really understand the verses you are reading. You have been relying on the translations to understand.
  • YOU never really appreciate (understand and apply) the kalimah (WORDS) in the al-Quran
  • YOU could have memorized some verses or surah of al-Quran but YOU do not know the meaning of the verses or surah you memorized.

The right way : LEARN the kalimah (WORDS) of al-Quran well. READ al-Quran with good understanding. MEMORIZE verses al-Quran while knowing every kalimah in the verses. BE a FRIEND of al-Quran and not a stranger. It is time for you to CHANGE. Many of YOU need the CHANGE !!!!!!! Do not miss this opportunity to be a new PERSON.


Still NOT sure. Let’s do the Self Test below. If your score is below 90% then you definitely need to join this course. All the best.. GO TO SELF TEST NOW.

Self Test



Course Curriculum

Preface 00:00:30
Overview : Learning Quran the QHS way
QHS Learning Concept 00:02:00
QHS Model 00:00:00
Chapter 1 : Types of Quranic WORDs
Words which are NOUNs 00:03:00
Words which are VERBs 00:00:00
Words which are PARTICLES 00:00:00
Chapter 2 : Forms of Quranic WORDs
Structure of Qur’anic WORDs 00:00:00
Chapter 3 : ROOT LETTERs and ROOT WORDs and derivatives
Origin of Qur’anic WORDS 00:00:00
Chapter 4 : Grammar and Case endings
Chapter 5 : Rules and Relationships of Kalimah
Type of Quranic WORDS 00:01:00

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  • RM 10.00
  • 120 Days

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