Quranic Language

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The course is designed to assist the Muslims who do not have basic Arabic in reading Qur’aan. Studies shows that majority of the Muslims read al-Qur’aan without understanding what they are reading. This course is an eye opener for those who want to upgrade their reading and memorizing skills of al-Qur’aan and appreciate the real beauty of al-Qur’aan.  A unique methodology of learning Qur’anic words, verses  and constructs leading to enhanced understanding of the contents and appreciation of al-Qur’aan. The approach offers a more comprehensive coverage of various aspects of al-Qur’aan and at the same time employs synergistic element that enhances the learning and skills development towards al-Qur’aan. The skills will help the individuals to memorize phrases, verses or chapters of al-Qur’aan in a much faster and meaningful way.  Other components include Qur’anic verses writing skills based on Rasm Uthmani methodology, contextual application of Qur’anic appreciation in personal life, management and business. The pathway of this program is the Train-the Trainer program.




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