Who should subscribe Uni-English?

  1. Students of all disciplines as competency in the English language will obviously benefit them in their studies.
  2. Selangor state officials will be capable of interacting and negotiating with foreign missions.
  3. Public speaking ability of state officials as well as state leaders will be enhanced in their duties of bringing revenue to the state.
  4. Jais and Mais officials will be able to communicate competently in their effort to propagate Islam to other nationalities.
  5. This course is able to upgrade Selangor state officials in their career development.
  6. The state tourism industry will benefit fully from this course.
  7. At the same time too, this course serves as an on-line dictionary in understanding new terms and words to various participants.
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SELUTE is stand for Selangor University Training Enterprise. It has been developed to educate entrepreneurs in managing their business and get certification from UNISEL. It based on MOOC where the user need to perform online assessment before attending the actual in house assessment at UNISEL.

SELUTE : Future MOOC platform for Selangor

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