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Our Uni-English course is specially designed to enhance the communicative skills of participants in terms of their communicative competence. That is to say, they will be trained to use the right phrases and sentences at the right situation when communicating. This aspect will cover the usage in terms of words, sentences, pauses as well as intonation. At the end of the course, they should be able to communicate effectively with people from all walks of life as their intended message is already fully understood thus making their conversation effectively competent.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Uni-English
Objectives of Uni-English FREE 00:01:00
Quiz Objective Uni-English 00:00:10
Benefits of Uni-English 00:00:00
Quiz Benefits of Uni-English 00:00:05
Who should subscribe Uni-English? FREE 00:00:00
Quiz who should subscribe Uni-English 00:00:00
How to continue intensive Uni-English with UNISEL? 00:00:00
Quiz to continue Uni-English in Unisel 00:10:00
Communicative English
Hotel Booking FREE 00:02:00
Quiz Hotel Booking 00:00:00
Hotel Booking Conversation 00:00:00
Quiz Hotel Booking Conversation 00:20:00
Business Writing
Public speaking
Contract Management

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